10 ways to blog for affiliates

10 ways to blog for affiliates

Top ten ways to earn money by affiliate blogging
Best 10 ways affiliates can blog to success

1. Find your Audience

Its not something to say about  – but put yourself in your readers or audiences shoes and think what they might be looking for as they come and read your blogs. Are they looking for something specific?  they could be looking for some related information or products ? What would make them to click on your affiliate links ? Start with your these things  in mind rather than just your affiliate product If you take this way of doing things and blogging ,  you could end up doing your audiences a favor as well as making a few dollars on the side.

2. Making Genuine Recommendations  or endorsements  work best

On the Internet there are thousands of products and services for people to choose from and you can also recommend these to your blog’s readers but earning money from these products is not a simple matter  as randomly linking to them from your blog. Your blog’s readers or subscribers or audience come back to your blog day after day because of the good info and advices you provide and they like that.They have at least some level of  respect for you and  the worst thing to do is to recommend tthey buy something that you don’t know or understand completely .
The best results most guru’s have had from affiliate programs are where an open and honest review including the pros and cons of the product are given with meticulous research done . If you read the reviews for may products by major Blogging guru’s you’ll see that they not only tell readers who they believe the product is for but they also do clearly mention those it is NOT for. Many marketeers might think that this isnt such a  wise thing to do and we should give a a glowing review of whatever product we want to showcase– however the sales that these guru’s have got by writing genuine reviews has  proven otherwise. People want to know what they are buying first and its a matter of fact that almost all product has some limitations and they will buy it if they really need that .

3. Link to Quality Products not by cost

you can be an affiliate for free things like free ebooks, downloads, coupons (Coupons.com has an affiliate program) free trials, or even by posting recipes (such as with My Recipe Magic – ). There are also affiliates who get paid when someone fills out a lead form, such as applying for a credit card.it doesnt have to be high cost products and very rare or very hard to get or something special products , though they too make a good portfolio for your affiliate income, but even everyday products and services have affiliate options.
Every blogger can create a page of their favorite resources and use affiliate links in the post

4. Contextual Deep Links work Best

Gone are the days when you have to put your full url and affiliate link and stuff your posts with those for people to click on those and for you to get paid . Nowadays contextual links are the real winners. it simply means you link some keywords and related text to your affiliate links insead of posting direct links
You should learn something from contextual advertising when it comes to affiliate programs. The secret of contextual giants like Adsense is that a reader is reading a post on a particular topic on your blog and when they see an advertisement for that same product and it looks almots like its part of the blog rather than an advertisement and it piques their curiosity and they are more likely to click it . The same is true for affiliate programs. It is more effective than placing links or banners because people look at those and they know they are advertisements and dont want to waste time clicking on some advert .
5. Positioning of links
you can google hotspots for your page or check google webmaster tools to check which are the real hotspots in your page and efficiently place your affiliate links or text or promos in those areas so as to maximise the visual impact and the subsequent clicks on those .

6. Check your Traffic

You must keep checking your traffic stats and make sure you note all the important factors as to which keywords bring you the major audiences and rom which country state city and even the time. nowadays traffic stats are very very highly evolved and you can check even what interests the person who clicked has. This is important to know your audience and add more relevant content and also get more traffic thereby..

7. Diversify but dont mess up

It is easy for affiliates to get carried away by the various programs available on the net and each and every one of them seems to be better and irresistable. But if you fill your blogs with affiliate banners and links and even text or content then the audience may feel confused and your blog will become a mess of unrelated banners and links which will bring down the interest factor of the people visiting your sites and revisits will soon drop..

8. Be genuine

Many bloggers make the mistake of trying to fool people to clicking on their links and banners. This in the long term turns our to be total loss of revenue as the person who clicked feels misled and cheated and may never come back. it may not be possible to label all links or materials as affiliate , but you can also do that without tricking or trying to fool people. some guru’s just write about their affiliate products and show the banners making it clear that its a paid product but without tricking the visitors

9. Combine Revenue Streams

When your blogs get going, then you can add other streams of income. you can add an email list and lead capture forms and build a list of subscribers and send offers to those people or sell your lists to others. you can also put adsense ads or other ad networks advertising to earn money from your traffic. almost all major webmasters and sites do this to monetise their traffic to the maximum this can double or even triple your earnings.

10. Tracking 

Normally affiliate programs will give you the stats and figures of how many impressions and clicks and sales you made. This is good , but you must also track your traffic and the clicks yourself using other methods to determine if you are losing sales or leaking revenue just because some affiliate program did not track your clicks or sales properly. checking your stats and affiliate dashboard should become second nature to you !


10 ways to blog for affiliates

Top ten ways to earn money by affiliate blogging
Best 10 ways affiliates can blog to success

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