4 popular Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Affiliate links

4  popular Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Affiliate links
how to get traffic to your affiliate links or sites ?
free traffic guides to get traffic to your affiliate programs and sites 

So you joined the best affiliate network or decided to promote that link you gor from clickbank which you think is going to be an awesome product to sell.ok and you need traffic . tons of it . well actutally you do need tons of the traffic to see if it even works !! i mean the affiliate offer 

 if you can’t get targeted traffic to your affiliate links, your online business is going to be very tough to creack and making money could become very very hard thing.. You could have the best sales copy, the best product and a state-of-the-art website… but if there is nobody seeing it, then obviously no one is going to click on it and you get paid only if someone clicks AND then buys the products !.

so when  you have all the vital components in place such as a good squeeze page, offer, sales funnel, etc. then you should start making efforts to driving traffic to your offers or affilaite landing pages or links whatever. This is vital if you want your online business affiliate marketing business to succeed. 

Am going to  give you 4 ways of driving traffic which is very important and really matters. Focus on only 1 or 2 at a time till you master them. Many people  make the mistake of trying to do everything all at once on their own  and not succeeding with any single one. so start and do one at a time

1. SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the most easy and difficult thing to get done. It’s next to impossible yet easy to master it. The success depends on your learning the ground realities and implementing it. .

The fundamentals are roughly the same. Optimize your content for the keyword and related keywords. Have a keyword optimized title, descriptions, tags, etc. Things have changed quite a bit these days.

But now its different in a way that You should write for people and not the search engines. you cannot stuff your site or pages with many keywords and expect it to rank. Those days are over. now you need to write relevant content , that will sure  increase visitor retention and will boost your rankings.

It is NOT adviced by google to buy backlinks so if you’re buying backlinks, then make sure your anchor text is widely diversified to make it all look natural , otherwise you could end up on the wrong side of google . Your best course of action will be to get a guide on SEO and learn all that you can.

2. Forum Marketing

Ohh yeah,This is another excellent way to drive traffic to your offers or pages. The concept is simple. You will join forums related to your niche. then you check and see what they are talking about whats the hottest topics , Its so easy just see the threads which has most counts and you know which topic is going hot.

Next, you should join in the discussions and post helpful comments and information. This will get your name out there and more people will start trusting you. as you start getting more people talking to you or arguing with you then the  forum signature which has your backlink will start ringing with clicks

People who have read your posts may get curious and click on your link. The more posts you have on various forums, the more traffic you will get. Do not spam the forums. Just aim for a few posts in different forums daily and let the traffic snowball with time.

3. Article Marketing

Article marketing means simply you write articles on PR or articles sites and put a link back to your page or affiliate link. But such sites accept Only good quality articles so you need to write a relevant article on the same nice that you are promoting

Now, you will need to write content that is top shelf and highly useful to the reader. You may submit these articles to sites or blogs that have high traffic. Just Google “your niche + write for us”. This will bring up several sites that need content.

Assess the traffic the sites get and approach the site owners with your article and see if they’d be interested in publishing it on their page with a link back to your site.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a bit of a tough thing to do because you need lots of resources and some experience to do it. you have to have an autoresponder like aweber to catch leads and then send emails to them on fixed time basis and you need to be able to get leads from various sources………it may sound tough

Because it is 100% true. Make sure you have a squeeze page to capture the emails of as many visitors as possible. This is the only way you will ever have a chance to market to them again.you can also outsource the whole gimmick on fiverr . there are many people who will do it for you cheap

Over time, the size of your list will swell and if you’ve been doing things right and building trust, when you are ready to promote an affiliate product to them, they will trust your recommendations and make a purchase. 

These are just 4 of the many ways you can drive traffic to your affiliate links to build a stable income. all of these are jobs that once done properly will keep you in the dollar flow for years to come. Choose one and focus all your attention on it. Once that works, outsource the menial tasks to maintain it and focus on a new traffic method. In this way, you will have visitors from many different traffic methods over time.

4  popular Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Affiliate links
how to get traffic to your affiliate links or sites ?
free traffic guides to get traffic to your affiliate programs and sites 

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