Affiliate marketing : lead capture

Affiliate marketing : lead capture

Auto responders and forms for affiliate marketing

how to build your lists usign lead capture pages and autoresponders

Affiliates Lead Capturing System

What Is An Autoresponder  and why is it needed ?
An autoresponder is a online web software that allows you to send emails to people automatically when they signup through your forms or offers or lead capture pages. What it means is that you set up a series of canned or saved emails that are sent out to people who have opted to  join your list of subscribers at certain intervals which you decide.
If you want to succeed with Affiliate marketing and also make money from all your other online ventures then you need to set up your own lead capture system and autoresponder to help you build a list of subscribers and to send them your offers regularly.
So basically What you need is a system that automatically  sends your messages, the ones you have decided and set , on a regular basis to people who have opted in or subscribed to your lists or sites or affiliate pages.
As people subscribe to your list, you’ll have started sending them juicy offers according to their needs and this will help you build your relationship with the subscribers eventually and market your offers. Once set up properly, this lead capture autoresponder system will make you money automatically 24/7. All you have to do is to keep growing your email list every day week and month which will inturn increase your revenues propotionately
There are many many autoresponders and lead capture systems that are available online but there are some that are more preferable and used my most successful and powerfull Internet marketing giants online
Aweber email chimp getresponse constant contact  icontact and infusionsoft these are the major players in the autoresponder Industry.. there are ofcourse many more but the reason we need to stick to these major players is “Deliverability” which means simply that if you go with these guys , your emails will be delivered to the inboxes of your subscribers and NOT to the spambox or not reach at all.. The reason is that these companies are well established and are whitelisted and in the goodbooks of all major email providers like yahoo gmail hotmail etc which gives them the ability to deliver the email offers right to your subscribers inboxes
How Does all this Work ? isnt it very tough ?
Its not much difficult at all. An autoresponder lets you send two types of Email messages – follow up messages and broadcast messages .
Follow up emails are the ones that are sent out automatically after someone subscribes to your list, on whatever schedule you have set it to : like instantly or after few minutes or hours etc.
But broadcasts, on the other hand, are email offers or emails that you can can be queue up to send anytime to all your subcribers at one go or according to a group of subscribers as you may have set it up.
With this autoresponder system we are going to show you how to set up several follow up emails to be sent out automatically to your subscribers.
AWeber.. this is the one we will choose to demomonstrate as its the most popular  – if not the best – email autoresponder available and is also recommend for newbies and experts alike to use for email marketing. It is the best way to manage your email list. 
  • As soon as  people Join your list they start receiving your saved messages right away – which is fully automated
  • You can also set an unlimited number of follow up messages to be sent to your subscribers  or lists and you can send unlimited broadcast email to all the people who are in your account.
  • The subscribers always have the option to unsubscribe which is required by law and this is fully automated ofcourse.
As we mentioned earlier AWeber has great deliverability rates.m.
Now we show you How To Set Up Your Aweber Account – Step By Step
Step 1. Go to Aweber com and click on “Order” to create an account.
Step 2. On the following page select your pricing plan, fill out the form with your details, enter your billing information and then complete your order. It costs only $1 for the first month and then $19 for each month thereafter.
Step 3. Log in to AWeber using your username/password
Step 4. Go to the List Settings tab and set your List Settings, Company Branding and Reply Address
Step 5. While on the same page, go to the Confirmed Opt In tab and set your Verification Message and Confirmation Success Page.
Your “Confirmation Success Page URL” will be your affiliate URL for your main offer.
Step 6. Click on the Web Forms tab.
Step 7. Customize the from as you like using the templates available in the form builder and then save your web form. 
Step 8. Next, click on “Go To Step 2″ and set your form settings.
Step 9. Once you’ve done that, got to step 3 (the final step) and click on “I will install my web form”
Step 10. Copy the Javascript Snippet (or the HTML version) and save it in a Notepad file because you will need it later (when you set up your squeeze page – covered in one of the next lessons).
That’s it. You can also check out these video tutorials if you have any trouble following the steps above:

you can also search for youtube for video tutorials on how to setup your autoresponder at aweber or any other email autoresponder service online
after you have dont that the next step is your contact sequences

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