Affiliate marketing.. The beginning

Affiliate marketing. The beginning..
For starters noobs newbies unsuccessfull people and for guys who has lost it,, totally .. i mean in the information overload
Lets make some sense of it all !!

What is affiliate marketing ? the Basics
You probably already know what affiliate marketing is but i’m writing it anyway for those who are completely new to this business, and for people who have forgotten, though its quit evident by the name itself !!
Affiliate marketing is simply put and  in short, selling other people’s’ and companies products as an agent or an promoter or an affiliate .What it means is that , you, as an affiliate, promote/sell market other people’s products through various means and through  your email List and/or your own website visitors and in doing so you get commissions for every sale you generate for make for the “other company”.
Affiliate marketing programs are naturally and simply a a great ideal win-win situation for both the parent company and the affiliate because of the pay-for-performance scheme.
There are many manyBenefits Of Affiliate Marketing
  • You Don’t Need To Develop Your Own Product. so you save tons of money and time ( most of which you naturaly dont have also !!!
The product has been made and tested by the creating co. Your only job is to sell it and make commissions.
  • You Do Not Need To Deliver Or Update The Products
The product creator will take care of the product delivery and updates. You as an affiliate need not bother about all those stuff and delivery and payme and processing ..etc
  • You are not required To Handle Customer Feedback And Backend Support
The company provides all the customer and  backend support as they are well equipped for such things
  • You Do Not Need To Handle Transactions And Refunds
All transactions and payment processing are all taken care of by the merchant. You are absolutely free of Order processing payments refunds crefit card and all these headaches of ecommerce 
  • Payment Is Simple And Quick
you get paid monthy or weekly by check or bank transfer or paypal 
How To Choose The Right products To Promote ??
Regardless of who are what  you’re and what you are into, there are literally millions of affiliate programs on the internet and offline that you can join and promote. How do you find the best products to become affiliate and promote? Where here are several places that you can start looking:
  • Clickbank 
ClickBank is one of the biggest ONLINE affiliate network in the world and is one of the best places to find ONLINE affiliate programs for downloadable informational products.which means these products can be paid and downloaded instantly !!
  • JVZoo
JVZoo is also an ONLINE affiliate marketing platform just like clickbank  that allowspeople and companies to list, promote, and sell their products online, and affiliate marketing people like you  to easily find interesting products at great prices to promote.
its also notable that JVZoo has become one of the best affiliate networks online and they pay your affiliate income instantly to your PayPal account ! isnt that buzzy !
  • WSO Offers
The warrior form which is the largest internet marketing forum on earth and their sales platform the WSO forum is a internet heaven for new products…There are new products being launched there every day and over 90% of them have an affiliate program you can join and promote ! yipee 
Selecting Your Main Affiliate products
Your main affiliate product is very very  important because it’s the main product  that you’ll be promoting  to your Email list or facebook or website visitors. When you choose your main product, you must make sure it meets these conditions:
  • Low Prices ($10-$30 if it’s a single one time purchase and $5-20 if it’s recurring payments)
  • Highly Related To Your Niche ( whichever niche you decide to promote or select )
  • It Should Be As General As Possible.( so that everybody can relate to it )
  • It’s a Continuing Program or product or membership (recurring, so you get monthly commissions)
Picking Your Other products and affiliates (which ate related to your main products)
Once you’ve finalised which products you are going to use for your main affiliate offer, you need to find 2-4 more additional related offers. Here’s what i recommend:
– 3 Low Ticket Offers ($10-$100)  ( means lower priced products)
– 1 High Ticket Offer ($100-$500) ( means high priced product)
Just pick 2-4 offers that you think are good and meet above conditions. You can search for offers on Clickbank, JVZoo, WSOs…etc to find the best matching products
Getting Your Affiliate Links
Now you need to get the affiliate links, so First you need to sign up for an account of each of the affiliate networks which has been mentioned above. Now let me guide you step by step on how to do this:
Step 1. Go to and click on “Sign Up”
Step 2. Fill out the form with your real details, agree to their ToS and then click “Submit”
Step 3. Confirm Your Account And You’re Done!
You can also follow the tutorial below. It will walk you through the sign up process step-by-step:
Step 4. Now go to the Clickbank Marketplace and start looking for offers by doing a search with you niche as your keyword phrase.
i.e. Make Money Online or Internet Marketing
Step 5. Once you find a good offer, just click “Promote”, enter your affiliate ID, a tracking ID (optional) and hit the “Create” button. A unique link (also called HopLink) will be created for you. That’s your unique affiliate link.
Step 1. Go to and click on “Become An Affiliate”
Step 2. Read the next page to familiarize yourself with the network, then click on the “Sign Up” button and create your account.
Step 3. Once you’ve activated your account and you’re logged in on the site, just go to this page and start looking for products:
Step 4. When you find an offer that you’d like to promote, just click on “Request” to send your affiliate request.
Step 5. If approved, you will find your affiliate link on this page:
WSO Offers
Almost all WSO’s have an affiliate program and a big majority of these programs are managed by and You already know how to promote offers from JVZoo so here’s how you can get started with as well. I was going to write a step-by-step guide but everything is already covered on this page:
Once you have a account you can start promoting offers by going to this page:

so now you have got the first steps to become an affiliate marketing giant !! yeah.. as they say ” Beggining is half way done !! “

The most important step is to start
so start right away 




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