Do this to Make money tonight Greatest info

Do this to Make money tonight Greatest info !
wanna make some quick bucks ?
if you want to make some serious money fast then this is for you

Yes , I know you need some money quick and I wont beat around the bush

Here are some quick ways to start getting those bucks into your wallet and fast !


Ya This is not some crappy writing for crappy sites or blogs but real and reputed companies who pay real good bucks to write for them and all you need is to know your subjects well

pssst…you can google and research and write good topics

  1. Wphub pays upto 250$ per article ! for writing about webdesign trends and word press  , just google for wphub
  2. Teamtreehouse : That is also similiar to wphub and pays 100-200 $ per article written about web development and web designing topics
  3. If you know Linux then Linode is the place to go . They pay you upto 200$ per article based on Linux and it must be some problem solving based on Linux and game servers webRTC etc etc.
  4. Compose : That is where you can go if you know how to write about databases MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, RethinkDB, etcd or RabbitMQ.
  5. Wow-womenonwriting : They pay you up to 150$ per article on women’s topics
  6. Upworthy pays you 150-200$ to write about stuff that they claim are “Surprising Meaningful  Visual Shareable” means You can write and submit anything that fits the above !
  7. Do You play poker ? Can you write about it ? , then twoplustwo magazine will pay you 200 $ for good articles based on poker . 
  8. 600$ that is what the smithsoinanmag will pay you IF they accept your articles ! You have to read their site and check what they publish to get a good idea before submitting ! wow that is not a small amount ! .
  9. Saveur pays from 150$ onward to excellent articles about travel and Food.
  10. PlayBoy accepts articles too !! But it has to be good as they get Lots of submissions . they pay around 350$ for accepted articles. 
  11. Culturesandcuisines say that “We believe strongly that writers should be compensated for their work. Initially, rates are set at $200/article. This rate is non-negotiable” So if you know the related topics then you can make lots of money here 
  12. Theatlantic is reported to be paying 200$ per article for their “health” section though its not mentioned on site but the information is real
  13. Babble will pay you around 150$ on articles related to Pregnancy , childcare ,Parenting . style, food and travel etc 
  14. Guideposts will pay you around 200$ for faith based article if that is your thing.
Now you must be careful to be prepared before submitting to any of these.Do this to Make money tonight Greatest info
Know what the site needs and what they publish regularly. Check the quality of the topics and word lengths and then do some brainstorming and research on google and then only then write a fantastic article and submit to them.
If you meet their submission guidelines then You will get accepted and paid instantly
Its good to make money almost overnight if you can write good stuff. Writing , even if its not your strong point or if you even never done it before, can be a very happy experience. let me give you a “tip” . When you hit upon a topic or subject then  talk to yourself in your mind about that topic. Then write those words in MS word and there you have your article !
I haven’t put any links in the post , but the bold words in the abopve are the names of the sites so you can just google and check for the site. Do this to Make money tonight Greatest info
And if you make pots of money, dont forget to come here and click on the like or share buttons.
Happy money making to you guys !

Do this to Make money tonight Greatest info !
wanna make some quick bucks ?
if you want to make some serious money fast then this is for you

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