Do You Need your own Website for Affiliate Marketing ?

Do You Need your own Website for Affiliate Marketing? 
affiliate marketing strategies and methods for newbies and experienced marketers
Should we create our own website to promote our affilate offers or links . is it necessary ??

The thought of starting his or her own website or a blog often puts off  many beginner marketers. In fact, many people would rather do some other business or tactics ar even do affiliate marketing without setting up a website. They work and market the  affiliate link which has been given to them by the affiliate provider and they will then lead to the product’s salespage directly and the commission is earned, Nice and easy !

Most often, this method fails or converts very less and slow because they may be doing ad spending on some heavy traffic sites and most visitors may not directly buy the products on the very first visit. Even if they like it and want it , they may decide to buy later because they came to that site for something else. Once they leave, the affiliate loses the chance to contact them again because he/she didn’t set up a website or a blog with a  squeeze page to capture their email and the next time the visitor shows up he may not see the same ad .

In order to make More money as an independent affiliate marketer, you may need a website more than you think you do ! Is it so important ? well , that depends on what your marketing style is and ofcourse the niche involved. For the best part , yes… it is very important . infact, even a simple website or a blog with a squeeze page, confirmation page and a sales funnel will do for you. You can add all the other things needed later on .

You can even set up a free blog on or which are the worlds biggest blogging platforms and are 100% free. However, it would be better if you can afford to purchase your own domain and hosting. There are some small expenses involved but these are investments that will pay dividends many times over in the future.

So, why should you create your own website?

Sending direct traffic to your affiliate link or to your blog or site having and affiliate link involves the same effort and work . Another thing is that  this style of marketing is getting more and more difficult to do because major sites do not allow people to advertise their affiliate links on them. You can’t use Google Adwords to direct traffic to an affiliate link. Many marketers have lost their Adwords account due to this. But you can advertise your blog or site which has your affiliate link and any time people visit whether its once or twice that link will still be there on your site for people to click !! whereas on ad networks your ads keep rotating and sometimes the customer may see it and other times he will see your competitors ads.

Nowadays even YouTube videos insist that your link lead to your site and it should not be an affiliate link. So, even simple link direction is becoming quite difficult these days.

Just some of the reasons for setting up your own  site. 

You have great control and  power over your affiliate marketing when you have your own web site and domain . You can create content and target long tail keywords. You can create squeeze pages to capture visitor emails. You can even purchase PLR products and sell them as your own products. You can even switch affiliate networks as you test and try the results of your efforts .

The possibilities are much more varied when you have your own website or a blog. The more possibilities you have, the more income  opportunities will be available to you over a period of time. This is crucial to building a strong and continuous online income.

There are many successful affiliate marketers online with hundreds of websites that they have built over time or outsourced to other people to build for them. A smart  affiliate marketer who promotes products to people he or she has built a relationship with, is much more likely to make more sales and income .

The best way to be a popular affiliate is to have a  good rapport with your subscribers and visitors . provide them with genuine  information, useful tips, content, videos, etc. And most of these content is hosted on your blog or website. Without a website, you will be severely limited. Of course, you could write long emails to people or would be customers… but it would all seem more attractive and professional if you do all the writing on your own website and then market your site . 

You could use attractive graphics, videos and of course, sprinkle your post with links to your affiliate products.Ofcourse the main attraction will be the information that you provide your visitors that will be very targetted and related to the nice or products that you intend to market and profit from .

By now, you should be able to see the benefits of having a website. Set one up on your own domain. It’s ideal to own your own domain. If you use a free one, thats fine too as long as you upload your own content and do not infringe on copyrights of other people or break the terms of usage of those blogging platforms. The top such platforms are blogger and and tumblr. Whats so good about these trio ? Well they are free and Unique and new content on these blogs get indexed quickly into google meaning you could reach front page of google pretty fast !

You must treat your affiliate marketing as your own business. You must control it. Create your own website with your own domain and your own hosting. Of course, the autoresponder… will be your own too. This is the best way to build a perfect online business that you can be proud to call your own.

Do You Need your own Website for Affiliate Marketing? 
affiliate marketing strategies and methods for newbies and experienced marketers
Should we create our own website to promote our affilate offers or links . is it necessary ??

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