how to earn 100$ a day online easily

How to earn 100$ a day online easily

Making money online free and fast without investment

How to earn money online using simple methods easily and quickly earn online internet income

The Method: $100 a Day or More from Free Dating Joins
And, without further preamble…………….


1. Join an Affiliate Network with Free Join Dating Offers.

If, via your affiliate link, you can convince someone to join a dating site that pays for free joins, you stand to earn between $4 and $12 for each one. Around $4 to $5 is the average. The more experienced among you may be wondering how I derived the glorious $12 figure? Answer: You’ll find non-US dating offers pay substantially more.

2. Create a Facebook Fan Page.

Based upon your chosen dating niche – Christian dating, Jewish Dating, Senior dating, whatever – create yourself a Facebook Fan Page. Put some effort into it. Design a good-looking cover, a good-looking profile picture. Ensure you use contrasting colour elements for your profile picture (making it stand out from the crowd when shared, and thus garner more attention and more traffic). If you’re unsure of fan page dimensions, Google them. It helps for both cover and profile picture design as well as delivering aesthetic updates.

3. Filler

Open up Google Images and Flickr. Take some relevant images to use for updates. If you’re terribly keen, open them up in Gimp or Photoshop and turn them into amusing memes (making sure, of course, that the images come with commercial use, modification, and sharing rights). Begin uploading. Fill up your page with around 20 updates, so things don’t look so bare.

4. Making it More Sticky

When a page has a simple like, yours, it is hardly an inviting prospect for anyone seeing it for the first time. Get yourself a free account at and add anywhere from 500 to 1,000 likes to your page. This could take you a day, two days at the most. When complete, your page should be relatively sticky. In other words: when someone sees it, and sees that is already has a smattering of likes, they perceive the inherent value in it and are, therefore, more convinced to like it.

5. Groups

Join as many related groups as possible. Just be sure to space out your joins. Facebook can be funny about this. A safe number is around 5 a day for a new Facebook account. When you get accepted, participate – in a non-marketing manner. Like, comment.

6. Blogging

You need a blog. Either make one for free on Blogspot (not really recommended, but it’ll do for now if you’re short on cash) or buy a domain, grab some hosting, and put together a decent-looking blog. Use a premium theme from Theme Forest if you can afford it. What will the blog be about? It will be a guide blog for one dating site. (Feel free to spin this; perhaps making it for several dating sites.) What you will be doing is writing reviews and instructional guides for a dating site: how to use various features, how to get the most out of it, what you think of the chat room, and so forth. Write a few posts so, like your fan page, the place doesn’t look entirely denuded of content. And – it should go without saying – monetize your blog posts with your affiliate links. Use “pretty links” (a WordPress plugin.)

Important: Always use very eye-catching and enticing images and use a plugin like WordPress SEO so you can ensure that your blog posts show up nicely on Facebook.

7. Sharing

Now comes time to make some money. Begin sharing your blog posts to your fan page. If you’re keen, you can write around 5 posts a day, sharing each one to your page. Just be sure to intersperse non-monetized picture updates between your blog shares, or else your page will look over-monetized, hurting page growth and update-traffic to your blog. When you share a post, give it an hour, then share it to a group. Repeat this process with another post and another group. Try get your post live on around 3 to 5 (or more) groups in any given day. And don’t be tempted to go overboard. You’ll either lose your Facebook account or group admins will begin deleting your shares. The key is to grow up a legion of shares on Facebook groups. Finally, intersperse your shares with uploads and shares (from other, non-monetized pages) so your marketing efforts are not seen to be as such. There is nothing wrong, nothing unethical in doing any of this, but people – God love ’em – have a bee in their bonnet about making a buck online.

Income Growth

Do the above, you’ll make money. I outsource many of my methods; this being one of them. It works and works well. The trick, just to reiterate, is to go softly-softly and work on getting a legion of posts to stick on groups. These groups have amazing activity and the audience is of extremely high quality. Just be sure that you OK your method with your Affiliate Manager. Let him know what you do – basically blogging with some content marketing thrown in – and you will be fine. Some affiliate programs don’t like Facebook traffic from pages and groups. So – again – make sure you get the green light.

Put some effort into this and you’ll see your first earnings in minutes or hours. Keep at it, you’ll see a nice level of income. Outsource the sucker and – well, you can imagine.

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