How to make 1200$ quickly and easily

How to make 1200$ quickly and easily !!
how to earn more than 1000 dollars every week month day making 
Earn money online by doing small jobs yourself  without much efforts and investments

I know that many people who have been trying out many varied sources of income online ( and you should too ) may have already figured this out but this is my version of the story & I’ve got some great resources too !! 

Over the past years of working s an online marketeer I’ve been using many different strategies to bring in the green stuff. I would like to have more than one stream of income and dont want to depend on just one which , if god forbids failed someday then we would be back to square one still struggling to make moneg online. we all want to earn money in peace, don’t we all right? 

So here is some idea of one of the things I’ve been doing. 
1. Hire a Telemarketer 
2. Give Them some Quality Leads. 
3. Get A Decent Website Developer. 
4. Outsource Any Other things required. 
5. Watch My Bank Account swell . 

It really is that simple.

Hiring A Telemarketer As I live in the U.K was not quite difficult , I used a site called Gumtree where you can post FREE classified ads. I guess the US equivalent is Craigslist or backpage. 

Here is a screenshot of my actual ad: Simple & straight to the point. 

I was naturally overwhelmed by the response. I received about 100s of  C.V’s within hours of posting this ad & they kept coming. 
I proceeded to go through and select all the good ones. Even though I clearly state in the ad NO TIME WASTERS, its quite evident that you will always get those kind of guys who send cvs without even reading what the job is exactly 

Here’s how to deal with them. Pick 10 potential good ones & send them a short Email saying you think they are a good fit for the job & ask them to call you. 

I’ve hired 3 temporary sales people using this method & they bring me between 3 – 12 HOT LEADS per week with who I follow up with. 

If I land the job & I usually do, they get their commission plus an unannounced bonus to keep them sweet. 

Okay so now we have an army of highly motivated telemarketers, what do we arm them with? Well first of all you want to inform them of what services you want to offer, in this case it’s website design. 

I always tell my telemarketers NOT to mention web design if they can because these gate keepers get these calls all day every day & as soon as they hear those words a block goes up & they will hang up on you! I tell them to simply call up, be pleasant & ask if the general manager is available in an authoritative voice, as if they are expecting them to call. If not when is a good time to call or do they have an Email address I can contact them on? Works most of the time. 

So where do I get the contact details? I’ve tried lots of different services & been burned a few times so please be careful where you get your leads from. I use & love Localizer Leads Tool – this fantastic tool can be used for a number of great things but I mainly use it to find local businesses with NO WEBSITE!! Powerful stuff. 

Developing The Sites & Outsourcing 
As I am quite familiar with good old WordPress I tend to develop the websites myself but if we’ve had a good week (5-10 sites) I call on my trusted outsourcer Fanny (real name) 

He has been helping me with various projects for several months now & he is absolutely fantastic. I found him in the Warriors For Hire section of the Warrior forum & he has proven to be a very valuable asset to my business. Fanny has a team of coders, graphic designers etc behind him & these guys can pump out great looking, functional websites in 1 – 5 days. 

I actually mentioned to him that I was doing this report & we struck a deal for you guys. If you decide to hire him he will give you a FREE mobile website with your 1st order (worth $75) all you have to do is mention my name in your Email (Robert G) and he’ll hook you up. 

You can then go & upsell the mobile site for as much as you want. (Usually $200) Lets Do The Math I sell my websites for a minimum of $850 so even on a slow week my telemarketing team & myself will land 2 clients, I will create 1 site myself & outsource the other to Fanny. 

So that boils down to: A slow week! 2 x $850 = $1700 – 10% = $1530 – $60 = $1470 – $249 = A Whopping $1221 Per Week!

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